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Thousands of new products and medical devices are released into the free market every year. American companies and foreign companies worldwide are placing products and medical devices into the stream of commerce with one goal in mind, making huge profits from the sale of their products. There are State and Federal regulatory agencies that establish regulations and standards to make products and medical devices safer for consumers. However, many products and medical devices make it to the market with defects that can result in the consumer being seriously injured or killed. These product defects come in three main types: flawed design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects.knee 3

A flawed design defect is a defect in the way the product is designed. The problem is inherent in the way the product was made rather than due to any accident or error in the process by which it was made. A flawed design defect exists when there is an economically feasible alternative design that retains the utility and usability of the original design and is a safer design of the product. Some examples of flawed design defect are metal on metal hip implants that emit certain metallic substances into the blood stream, an automobile that suddenly accelerates on its own causing an accident, and a child’s toy with a dangerous feature that injures the child.

A manufacturing defect is an error in the way the product is made, basically, a mistake in the product construction process and not a flaw in the original design. A manufacturing defect exists when the product fails to conform to the original stated specifications. Some examples of manufacturing defects are a batch of tires that fail to perform as the rest of the brand, a particular food recalled due to mold contamination, and a faulty handle in a baby car seat that breaks.

Marketing defect occurs when there is a non-apparent danger inherent in a product no matter how precisely designed it is and the manufacturer fails to provide adequate warnings and/or instructions so that the risk of injury is reduced. Often dangerous medications fall under this category because they contain a risk that is not adequately disclosed to the patient, which causes serious side effects leading to life-altering disabilities or even worse, death.

Some of the most common product liability cases are defective pharmaceuticals, defective hip replacements such as DePuy and Stryker, NuvaRing, Vaginal Mesh, defective children’s toys, defective saws and guards, and defective automobiles.

If you or a loved one was injured by a defective product or a defective medical device, the attorneys at Mullins Law Firm, PSC are ready to put their experience to work in maximizing your or your loved ones legal compensation against the negligent companies.

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